1000 Facts on Mammals

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Facts About Mammals

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Amazing Facts about Mammals - Science With Kids

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But I have a question! I'll wait. Others feast on insects.

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1000 facts on mammals

Most bats are fruit eaters and are important to the spread of fruit seeds in the environment. Still a very few others will feed off the blood of large animals such as cows and horses by puncturing their skin with their fangs and licking the blood from the wound. There are even a few bat species who will fish for their dinner by flying over the water and snatching the fish up; much the same way as a bird of prey.

Infant bats are known as pups and are usually born as single infants but can sometimes be born as twins.

Mammals for Kids: Learn about animals and what is a mammal.

A few will be born in larger litters. Infant bats are very small when born and require the care of their mother for food, warmth and protection. The pup clings to the mother during roosting and could die if it lets loose and falls.

When the mother bats leave the nest to find food, they count on the fact that the pups from all the other mothers will huddle together for warmth and safety. Upon the return of the mothers, infants and mothers will quickly locate each other through smell and voice recognition.

Bat Habits

Baby bats grow quickly and can usually fly by the end of their first month. Because they are nocturnal, most bats find their way around in the dark through a system known as echolocation. They are capable of producing high pitched squeaks which bounce off of objects as an echo. These sounds are often not audible to humans.

11 facts about blue whales, the largest animals ever on Earth

By hearing the echo as it returns, the bats can sense the location of objects. They can also tell distance, size, texture, and speed of travel.

Do dolphins have hair?

Their huge outer ears help to gather this information more effectively than many other animals. This allows them to distinguish between prey and non-prey objects. They can also hear the sounds made by their prey such as croaking frogs and buzzing insects. Bats provide several useful benefits to humans. They eat huge numbers of insects which provides natural pest control that is a benefit to crops and animals.

The spread of fruit seeds is a natural benefit that comes from bats eating the fruit containing seeds and then depositing those seeds in other areas through their waste.

1000 Facts on Mammals 1000 Facts on Mammals
1000 Facts on Mammals 1000 Facts on Mammals
1000 Facts on Mammals 1000 Facts on Mammals
1000 Facts on Mammals 1000 Facts on Mammals
1000 Facts on Mammals 1000 Facts on Mammals

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