A Ferocious Opening Repertoire

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A Ferocious Opening Repertoire

Branch Rickey: Baseball's Ferocious Gentleman. Play Opening night. Opening Moves.

Kasparov's Chess Openings. A World Champion's Repertoire.

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Opening Act. Opening Atlantis.


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How to Build Your Opening Repertoire with IM Valeri Lilov (Webinar Replay)

Book 4. A Ferocious Opening Repertoire 5.

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Bored with stuffy opening theory? This book provides a welcome antidote!

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Former American Open Champion Cyrus Lakdawala presents a range of vicious weapons for White in a repertoire which is perfect for those who have little time for study, but enjoy taking opponents out of their comfort zones and causing them problems from the very beginning. The repertoire's backbone is provided by the aggressive Veresov Opening 1 d4, 2 Nc3 and 3 Bg5 and this weapon Tired of playing the same old openings? Former American Open Cha C6 Opening Repertoire C6 This book provides a rock solid opening repertoire for Black, using systems based on the move The backbone of this repertoire is the Caro-Kann versus 1 e4 and the Semi-Slav via a Slav move order versus 1 d4.

In general these systems aim to neutralise White's early initiative.

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A Ferocious Opening Repertoire A Ferocious Opening Repertoire
A Ferocious Opening Repertoire A Ferocious Opening Repertoire
A Ferocious Opening Repertoire A Ferocious Opening Repertoire
A Ferocious Opening Repertoire A Ferocious Opening Repertoire
A Ferocious Opening Repertoire A Ferocious Opening Repertoire
A Ferocious Opening Repertoire A Ferocious Opening Repertoire
A Ferocious Opening Repertoire A Ferocious Opening Repertoire

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