Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny

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What would the Founding Fathers say now? It makes one wonder just how the voters, given the ultimatum that only one of two candidates — if that — can win the elections — can ever escape their chattled desire to vote for "winners" while they — the people — keep losing. The unfortunate result is limited choice in the political arena.

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This book is essential reading for anyone interested in political competition and public policy. Professor Bennett, an economist, has given us a book that should have emerged long ago from the ranks of political scientists Every American looking for ways to increase voter participation and open up the political process to all points of view should read this important book. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

Grand Illusion The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny - 9781595583949

Advertisement Hide. Authors view affiliations James T. Front Matter Pages i-xii. The Issue. Pages My intent is to make it possible for every government element, every other organization, and individuals, to access information relevant to their mission or interest across all boundaries, while being able to aggregate and exploit that information rooted in geospatial and time-date visualization, aggregated by threat or policy domain, and further separable for consideration at each level of analysis: strategy, operational, tactical, technical. This vision integrates all forms of knowledge with particular emphasis on the integration — for life — of education — teaching, intelligence decision-support to government and business , and research.

This restores the primacy of the human being, both as an individual and in community so as to do more with less — ephemeralism — while re-establishing the human as master of comprehensivity and synergetics Fuller a b The implementing bodies should fully integrate true cost economics across all disciplines, industries, products, services, and behaviors; a Smart Nation in which all eight information communities are transparent to one another and fully engaged in sharing information and sense-making; and a global creative commons or World Brain that enables all minds to access all information in all languages all the time.

The four core values are clarity, diversity, integrity, and sustainability, each manifested as shown in the outer ring above.

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I offer an alternative. Intellectually and morally this innovation reinstates the university as the center — the hub — for society, commerce, and governance, assuring that a majority of the individuals in any given community are afforded the opportunity to continue learning — both free and for fee — over the course of their lifetime.

Put in a more mercenary fashion, and adopting the approach of some medical and scientific career paths, traditional educational degrees will have expiration dates and require annual, repetitive renewal through refresher training and structured engagement with new knowledge relevant to the individual, their employer, and the community at large. An Open Source Everything Engineering initiative is a means of providing affordable, inter-operable, scalable education for life while striving to double the revenue earning potential of the University as a whole.

This is a major opportunity for increasing ethical revenue for the university. There is an immediate market, local to global, for decision-support to hybrid governance of agriculture, education, energy, health, and water, to name just a few policy areas where the gap between those with power and those with knowledge is now catastrophic. A London or New York City-based School of Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance could develop new educational constructs, educate cadres of customers, and serve as a consulting enterprise as well.

The Center approach is not working. To achieve true multidisciplinary research one must be able to identify all credible voices — both published and unpublished — in all languages, far back in time as well as the most recent. An Open Source Hub that includes an Open Cloud as well as an Open Analytics suite of tools for local to global information-sharing and sense-making makes its sponsor the incontestable center of global knowledge.

Substantial revenue and innovation potential are to be found in the creation of a platform and process for education, intelligence, and research that could be leased to other universities while creating the first truly national — and then international — web of science and social science, humanities, philosophy, ethics, linking all of this to real world actors.

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My intent is to create a globally scalable open source information technology platform, and a structure for harmonizing multidisciplinary research and data while enabling real-time science and near-real-time exascale computational science and engineering. The below graphic depicts the requirements defined by the Directorate of Intelligence of the Central Intelligence Agency as early as , but still not available today in proprietary software, much less open source software Webb I must stress that the open source analytic workstation is merely a starting point for a much greater open source and multidisciplinary approach to both the treatment of information in all forms and from all sources, and with regard to design, engineering, and sustainable maintenance across all disciplines.

This means that the open source mind-set would be applied from raw data collection to final engineering production of resilience-enhancing innovations. When combined with varied other opens, but most especially Open Cloud, Open Data, and Open Spectrum, startling possibilities appear for affordable, interoperable, and rapidly scalable local to global information-sharing and sense-making.

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My intent — working in collaboration with innovators in India and elsewhere striving to create very low-cost laptops as well as free cell phones OpenBTS [2] and Open Spectrum or free Wi-Fi — is to enable both on-demand education, the harnessing of distributed intelligence, and the eradication of waste. Let us add to that the reality that most legacy databases were created in by-gone eras, are non-standard, tend to be heavy, and cannot be ported electronically the pipes are in the 10MB to MB range while the data is in the TB to PB range , and also cannot be accessed for simultaneous processing at most data centers because they lack the excess processing capacity Arnold et al , Hruska Add to this the reality that relational databases were never designed for an era of big data, and the carriers have all been lazy about investing in dark fiber Newby and you have digital grid-lock.

Here again I must stress the human factor — in contrast to computers costing trillions to date, the human brain has petaflop and higher speeds, is less than a liter in size, and requires only ten watts of power Bamford Waste is an educational opportunity and an information management challenge. This waste is apart from that associated with water and fuel waste associated with mega-agriculture and inefficient mega-processing, storage, and transport systems, and also excludes the true costs to society of genetically modified foods that range from suicidal to pesticide resistant to being the cause of sterility in test animals by the third generation.

As with agriculture, this is strictly waste as defined by the traditional analysis model without regard to externalized costs imposed on society, such as earthquakes and contaminated aquifers from fracking. In PriceWaterhouseCoopers conducted an original survey whose findings remain relevant to any multidisciplinary endeavor seeking to address behavioral, clinical, and operational waste in the health industry. Their methodology is a helpful model for rapidly evaluating waste in other policy domains.

The US military is the gold standard for waste in all possible forms Paltrow At the strategic level it spends more than then next 8 countries combined SIPRI , and is used so badly as to inspire rage rather than resolve disputes, at the same time that its waste deprives diplomatic and commercial and informational capabilities of proper funding. When one adds elective wars based on now-documented lies Lewis — wars that suck the UK and others in — the cost of a military as now equipped and utilized appears catastrophic.

The water cycle cannot be owned, but it can be destroyed. It is the ultimate manifestation of why we must, as a human species, achieve conscious evolution and get a grip on the true cost of our wanton ways with water. Corruption is waste — as we make all processes transparent, we will begin to eradicate corruption. Although I place great emphasis within this innovation endeavor on information technology as well as the science and engineering associated with applications engineering, manufacturing solutions, and system services, I find it helpful, as the Industrial Era collapses from a lack of ethics and respect for humanity, to emphasize the human factor, human scale, and human values.

It is in this context that I find the Mars Family emphasis on all of the human stakeholders itemized below, a persistent foundation for sustainable enterprise Mars , Badger I wish to make possible a holistic mind-shift across the academy, economy, government, and society. Science is — like any artifact — as good as or as bad as the human intentions and human hands that wield the power that science gives.

Science is also stunted in the absence of the humanities Saul , Wilson , of philosophy Durant , and religion Kung , Molben I strive to connect all minds to all information in all forms, confident that the human factor will surprise us time and again. In relation to a research university focused on community service and enterprise outreach, this translates into an opportunity to fully integrate design, information management, engineering, and each of the disciplines in turn.

Design translates into accelerated production, performance, and adoption. Information management can change the marketplace by changing public understanding of the true cost of specific products, services, policies, or behaviors. Central concepts in gestation include these four below. Social enterprises are revenue-generating businesses with a twist. Whether operated by a non-profit organization or by a for-profit company, a social enterprise has two goals: to achieve social, cultural, community economic or environmental outcomes; and, to earn revenue. On the surface, many social enterprises look, feel, and even operate like traditional businesses.

But looking more deeply, one discovers the defining characteristics of the social enterprise: mission is at the centre of business, with income generation playing an important supporting role. The signal flaw in both of the above concepts is their neglect of the three innovations that I propose to bring together in order to accelerate the collaborative economy and the social enterprise.

However good the intentions might be, a lack of intelligence with integrity Steele is still a fatal debility. Changing the objective of the enterprise from pure profit to social good does not change the underlying information and manufacturing processes in any substantive manner. As Figure 5 on page 8 shows, I believe that in combination, True Cost Economics, Holistic Analytics, and OSEE will help eradicate waste while radically lowering the cost of living buy less, share more , the cost of production open green, open science, open tools , and the cost of consumption billions more will live well at a fraction of the prior cost.

One might say that I wish to enable intelligent social enterprise and fully-informed collaborative economics. This could be the advance that makes possible a metamorphosis of our academy, economy, government, and society away from war and profit for the few, toward peace and prosperity for the many. The question must be asked: what does it mean to be a smart nation? I offer a preliminary answer rooted in my view that collective information sharing and sense-making firmly grounded in past history and deeply respectful of our ability to both harm and help the future, is the starting point.

This is in fact the original approach of our indigenous forebearers and it diverges sharply from our current practice of fragemented, hierarchical decision-making by the few, often without accountability due to secrecy.

The Enlightenment Kids

More broadly, I find that there are numerous information pathologies that prevent — hinder — the establishment of public understanding and consensus on vital matters in the public interest. Within individual disciplines, notably those associated with agriculture, energy, and health, there are further pathologies associated with a mix of corruption, ignorance, and public inattention. Within individual communities, from local to provincial, from national to regional, there are further biases, distortions, absences of understanding, and even malicious underminings of the public interest.

It is not for me — or any outsiders — to directly address the persistent information pathologies that hold back disciplines and communities. What I seek to do is create an architecture for information-sharing and sense-making that is affordable, interoperable, and scalable. I envision — for discussion and in a preliminary manner seeking commentary — a new school with four integrated information management elements, and a multiplicity of open source endeavors.

The School for Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance would bring together cadres from all eight of the information networks into annual classes at three levels: junior, mid-career, and senior. Bringing human beings together, face to face, is the primordial role of this element, which should eventually be replicated within every university that wishes to be an effective catalyst for 21st Century peace and prosperity, and thus internationalize the concepts and practices.

Within the School, a Global Serious Game — the preliminary work has been done Gabel , Gabel would put big open data and the open cloud in the service of the public in an interactive issue-oriented manner, augmented by a university-wide Provost Center for Comprehensive Architecture, a prototypical Center for Public Intelligence, and a World Brain Institute to manage a global network of human and data resources.

School of Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance. This is envisioned as a new residential school at the main campus of the participating university, with an extension program for non-resident students as well as a very robust program of faculty and student exchange, joint investigations, shared online databases, and other forms of outreach to universities, governments, corporations and non-governmental organizations around the world. While proposed as contingent on earmarked funding, the School could nevertheless be started as a virtual entity from existing human, physical, and financial resources.

The value of the whole is found in its clarity, diversity, integrity — and the sustainability it enables Steele As Figure 18 on page 23 illustrates, two of the four World Brain elements generate revenue — I anticipate substantial revenue, more than sufficient to amply fund the implementation of these ideas.

Organizations are all well and good, but in the end a great university must offer substance in a process that yields a tangible outcome — graduates in demand because of what they know and how they use what they know. There is a need for a multidisciplinary mind-set, process, and constellation of best practices drawn from across all the disciplines, on a sound business footing.

This is a meta-degree, a meta-process, creating a tangible web of knowledge across all boundaries. In my view, the time has come for a normative discipline of Public Intelligence that is the proponent for both Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making the human solution and the adoption of OSEE the technical solution.

International Relations, Public Administration dramatically advanced into a new sub-discipline of Public Hybrid Governance , and a variety of other primary university disciplines would converge in this School.

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Neither parastatals nor narrow public-private partnerships encompass the larger human-centric data-driven vision that this project seeks to actualize. This would create a more grounded landscape of financial, social, and ecological opportunity and threat — a basis for being a normative discipline.

This restores agency to the public — we put the public back into politics, but this time we connect all minds with all information in all languages. Track 1: Holistic Analytics. Every discipline has its means of teaching sources and methods, how to think, how to investigate hypotheses, how to validate and present findings. Track 2: True Cost Economics.

Although the concept is well established — and its pioneering economist, Dr. All business processes and products — not only those dealing with information — are in urgent need of ephemeralism. OSEE is how we help them achieve this goal. At a minimum the graduate will fully understand how to integrate all of the opens having to do with communications and computing. Ideally — and assuredly in their chosen network and practice sub-set, they will understand how to apply the OSEE mind-set and method to any given set of business products and processes. They are ready for a life in cubicles that are no longer available for occupation.

The first three tracks focus on self-development; the fourth track focuses very specifically on creating jobs, healing communities, and generating sustainable profit in a collaborative economy. Below is my graphic in relation to where tenders tend to be today, showing how our practical implementation offers alternatives that are superior to the current state of mind.

Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny
Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny
Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny
Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny
Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny
Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny Grand Illusion: The Fantasy of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny

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