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Special Reports. Educational Webinars. Career Sphere. Advanced Search. Therefore, their ability to make informed, cool-headed choices is crucial. They must know how to gather information, prioritize outcomes, and react to urgent and life-threatening conditions effectively. When nurses make decisions, they must take ethical factors into consideration and be able to explain their choices to doctors, patients, families, and other healthcare professionals. Mathematics Mathematics includes quick and accurate manipulation of numbers.

Nurses must know how to work with the metric system and take measurements of a variety of data such as height, weight, and bodily outputs.

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They must be able to calculate the rates of change for vital signs, manage IV drip rates, and discern appropriate medication doses. This means a good working knowledge of fractions and ratios, arithmetic, formulas, conversion rates, and time calculations. Physical Endurance Shifts can last between eight and 12 hours, during which nurses are almost constantly on their feet.

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Patients often require assistance with walking and movement. Responding to emergencies is a given. Observation Nurses are conduits. As professionals on the front lines of care, their ability to effectively provide accurate information to doctors, other nurses, patients, and family members is crucial. Successful nursing observation is both evidence-based and vigilant.

It informs the work of a host of concepts vital to the field, such as: Listening to patients Practicing nursing procedures effectively Gaining knowledge and understanding of people and situations Communication Patience Teamwork Paperwork and record keeping Empathy Nurses must possess a keen awareness of their surroundings and minute changes that occur in their patients.

Patience Nurses see people at their worst. Patients are often scared, in pain, disoriented, or simply unable to function at their full capacity. The ability to decelerate and approach situations calmly means nurses can provide a higher standard of care and avoid burnout. Successful nurses learn to cultivate immersive attention, not take things personally, and approach problems for a long-range angle.

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Compassion Compassion is inextricably linked with patience. It manifests as the practical application of kindness. When stepping into a new nursing job, it can be easy to second-guess your decisions, regardless of how many exams you aced in school. But you need to be confident and assured that what you learned in nursing school has made you ready for this job.

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Ability to Connect the Dots. So how well did you pay attention in school?! Maintaining a holistic understanding of course content and being able to pull from that knowledge to make decisions and ask the right questions will help you succeed and better assist patients. Being able to observe, think critically, and make the right decision is vital to being a successful nurse. Relation-Based Care.

This one is simple enough but cannot be overstated.

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The ability to make real human connections and create an environment that keeps patients and their families feeling safe, informed, and cared for is a personal skill that lifts morale, and as a result, the reputation of the organization. Being committed to succeeding in your nursing career requires constant learning, practice, and reflection for continuous improvement.

Think Like a Nurse. Successful nurses obviously need to have strong clinical thinking skills with a strong foundation of concepts and theories, but without being able to adapt to changing situations and think on the spot, lives could be in jeopardy. Work Well with Colleagues.

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Hospitals or other organizations in which you work will expect new nurses to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively with co-workers right off the bat. Consider Alternative Points of View.

Be open to advice, and even confrontation, and stay open minded to other ways of doing things. Treatment is rarely binary; be accepting of other points of view and learn something from every situation. Advocate for Patients. So, how did you do?

Key Nursing Skills Key Nursing Skills
Key Nursing Skills Key Nursing Skills
Key Nursing Skills Key Nursing Skills
Key Nursing Skills Key Nursing Skills
Key Nursing Skills Key Nursing Skills

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