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The lost years

Huge dusty books with indecipherable handwritten pages, and jealous researchers scribbling away in corners.

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I was sad to learn that the Sir Francis Bacon Library recently merged with the Huntington Library and that magical space is gone. That time and space made quite an impression on me, and years later I made a sojourn to London and then to Stratford to see what I could make of it. Or are you more of a Humphrey or a Richard?

He also has an indentured servant who can fly and a monster that he can boss around. M: Name something that makes you laugh out loud.


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M: Any advice for beginning playwrights? C: I would encourage any beginning playwright to spend time being part of a theater group: see as much theater as you can. See it from the light booth, or the backstage, or in a rehearsal—but the experience of watching what actors do, and what really good directors do, is to witness how that communal magic is created. The transmitter on this young loggerhead turtle revealed its whereabouts for months.

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It must be hard for mama loggerhead turtles. After their eggs hatch, their little offspring scurry down the beach, where many of them are snapped up by hungry birds. Even more get eaten by fish. To top it off, the survivors promptly head out to sea and vanish. They never write; they never call. Now, researchers have published the first satellite tracking data from young sea turtles, charting a leisurely voyage under the sun.

The youngsters idly float north along the Gulf Stream, then head toward the Azores.

Along the way, they spend most of their time riding the waves, and the sun helps raise their body temperature. More recently, other scientists have studied isotopes from turtle tissue to analyze their diet and past locations and created computer simulations of their journey. The basic picture is this: Hatchlings head out to sea to avoid fish, sharks, and other predators.

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Once off the continental shelf, they eventually end up in a current, called the North Atlantic subtropical g. A few years later, they come back to their birthplaces on the East Coast of the United States.

What was Shakespeare doing between 1585 and 1592?

Satellite tags have helped researchers track adult turtles. But the brick-sized transmitters were too big for young turtles. As the technology became smaller, marine biologist Katherine Mansfield of the University of Central Florida, Orlando, was able to use transmitters the size of smartphones.

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Solar cells helped reduce the size and weight by requiring fewer batteries. Mansfield and her colleagues collected 17 loggerhead hatchlings, each about 3 to 4 centimeters in diameter, from beaches in southeast Florida. They raised them in the lab until they were 3 to 9 months old—big enough to glue on the transmitters—and released them from a boat about 18 kilometers offshore.

The transmitters survived between 27 and days, during which some turtles roamed as far as kilometers , the team reports today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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Lost Years

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