Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11)

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That's right, folks! S2Scans is in need of new team members to help out with projects!

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With that said, we are currently recruiting: - Typesetters - Redrawers - Cleaners - Translators Experienced redrawers and cleaners would be preferable, but not entirely necessary. Typesetters don't need to be experienced, but must have at least some knowledge of typography in regards to manga. These roles will require potential members to work on many different series not just one. We need new staff to help us with releases!

This is a great chapter with lots of action and my favourite character - Kouga is back! Thanks for all the hard work, BT team! Himiko's in a tight spot, will Ryota be able to reach her in time?? We could really use a redrawer to help us with this series! Don't forget that we're recruiting Redrawers, Typesetters, and Translators!! This chapter brings us to the end of volume 12! Gotou gets some down time and Yakumo comes face to face with someone unexpected!!

How to Draw Manga Vol. 11 Maids & Miko

Also Jiro and Rago get to meet someone from Rago's past! The Easter Island Arc is really good! Thanks for the hard work Salaryman team! Where should the apron's bow be positioned? Md[ning Stockings end about mid- thigh, covering the knee. The inclusion of stockings, which are commonly worn with maid uniforms, allows the artist to express the suppleness of the flesh. Being aware of gravity and showing just a tad of body fat bulging and drooping ever so slightly will allow your character to take on a soft, feminine appearance.

Remember that a pannier underneath the skirt will give it more volume. Shading and Shadows Flgure A shows both shading on the side opposite he light source and the shadow cast by the object on he ground. Just to experiment, a solid black shadow refened to as "BL" in the world of anime was added to Figure B.

This resulted in an image with very high contrast.

There are times when such an idiosyncratic touch might be desirable. However, for the time being, here are a few suggestions for using solid black shading effectively. There are some set rules to adding solid black shading. Figure A Shading on the side opposite -the light source Figure B Shading on the side opposite the light source Shadow Modulate the values of the shading you use to give the composition balance and create a sense of depth. Give thought to the combination of tone values and the overall composition when shading.

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High contrast creates a specific effect, but it also causes the drawing to take on a weighty appearance. Avoid using solid patches ol black. Avoid using solid patches of black shading on tiny bows, even if they are dark in color or value. Use solid black shading on dark items or for specific shadows on dark items. Use solid black in areas such as where a drawn line bends or where two lines intersect, solid black in the crook of a fold.

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Refer to Figures A, B, and C below. Use solid black for overlapping cloth. Use solid black for obvious shadows such as those underneath the character. When a gray value is desirable over solid black, such as in Figure B, use hatching instead. This will result in a lighter touch. Heh, heh! J 75 This shadow's shape is too vague. Parts of the drawing appear awkward. But why? Let's take a close look. The shapes of these shadows are indistinguishable. This sort of crease is unnatural and would simply not occur. The angle of the leg is unnatural. As a result, a shadow more likely to be seen on a stick has been added.

This shadow is clearly resulting from a light source on the right, shading is needed here, toward the back.

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  • The light source causing this shadow is unclea' Add shading to show the flow of creases. This back sash would naturally have some shading. Adding shadow would give the figure a sense of volume and balance.

    The figure is facing the light source, so the knee has more shade than necessary. This is likely because the artist did not give sufficient consideration to the leg's volume or to the direction of light, but rather simply added decorative shadows following the contours of surrounding forms. Figure A Figure B Even if upper and lower shadows are separated, they should follow a connected flow, as suggested by the dotted arrow.

    The dotted arrow in the boxed illustration shows this flow from top to bottom, iC This shape lacks definition, but it is good enough. This bow constitutes a small detail, so shading should be kept simple.


    This ruffle lacks definition. A great way of handling such ambiguous areas is to either show the part drenched in light or in total shadow. There tends to be a great disparity in the way different artists render the knees. While there is no need to add realistic detail, the artist would still benefit from being conscious of the bone structure when drawing. Good e b A sharp arc of this sort represents a crease with a sunken center. Add shading to the center.

    There are ripples in the cloth between points A and B, requiring shading. However, creases on the bow should be kept simple and to a minimum.

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    Big, expansive shadows work better here than tiny, detailed shadows. Why do drawn lines appear clumsy? The most common cause of clumsily drawn lines is when the artist is not accustomed t0 drawing.

    Another is indecisiveness. O The lines are indecisively drawn. Details have not been properly rendered. Be confident when drawing Iines! The line is not elegant and flowing, making it appear stitf. Since there is not a lot of space between frill and ruffle folds, certainly no more dips and curves should occur.

    Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11) Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11)
    Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11) Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11)
    Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11) Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11)
    Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11) Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11)
    Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11) Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11)
    Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11) Maids & Miko (How to Draw Manga, Volume 11)

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