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Example 1: This is our last night in New York and we're tryna strike paydirt. Example 2: Holla at ya boi if you into some Caribbean paydirt!

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Example 3: Tyrone - Shit dawg , a niggas broke as fuck can i hold a dolla? I on an expedition fo some paydirt. Julio - Que? Any source of success or wealth; a fortunate discovery or profitable venture. End Zone football. Paydirt unknown. The dirt in which gold nuggets were uncovered via the panning process used during the California gold rush. Dirt and water were shoveled into large bowls and swished around as a quick way to find gold nuggets. Paydirt sports. Or a little better. They must not realize the vendor has to make a little money on what he sells or he wouldn't be in business too long!

That said, I've had good luck with Felix and with Eureka Joes. John Luporini Greenhorn Posts:. DO Not Buy. James Bartlett Greenhorn Posts I have also bought paydirt from ebay sometimes good and sometimes bad but with no guarantee you never know how much your going to get. Ken Krukow Greenhorn Posts I found small amounts of gold, but remember to pan the dirt two to three times if your new because I found traces each time and the gold became finer each time.

We will see if this produces anything. I am not looking to get rich, but want to find enough to keep me going back. May have to invest in a Sluice. Good luck with your daughter! You hit it on the head perfectly. Exactly why I am going to Stanton AZ to actually extract gold from the ground and see it in the bottom of my pan. I extracted gold from discarded computers, but want to see it in its raw and natural state. Can't wait. I am interested in obtaining a bag of "PayDirt" from you, what would be the cost? Go to www. You should find everything you need there.

If you need any additional assistance, don't hesitate to call me at Michael Valadez President iPan4Gold.

I Spent $1,500.00 for Dirt!?

Roaring camp is generous on the gold. Gary Bast Greenhorn Posts Guarantees at least 1 gram of gold and always over that. Quick shipping and fair price. Kelly Levitt Greenhorn Posts Peter Parsons Greenhorn Posts Sluice Box Pete! Laurin Cavender Greenhorn Posts They will ship or if you are close you can just stop by and pick it up directly from them.

Jeffrey Gray Greenhorn Posts Dave there will treat you right. Some of the clay dirt is nasty but thar be gold in them bags. Forums All Things Prospecting Greenhorns. You are not authorized to post a reply. She is a specialist in Doctoral Education and Human Resources Development and is a career public servant with two decades of experience as chief executive in the Department of Employment, National Human Resource Development Council, and the University of Seychelles. She has conducted consultancies nationally and internationally.

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Winston Chitando is a seasoned executive whose experience in the mining sector spans close to three decades. He completed a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from the University of Zimbabwe in November and in December the same year joined Anglo American Corporation as a graduate trainee based at Hwange Colliery Company, where he rose to the position of Chief Accountant. For a total of 11 years, Winston worked for the Anglo American Corporation group. During this period he rose through the ranks to hold various positions and directorships in a number of industrial and mining companies which were part of the Anglo American group.

At the time he left the group to join Zimasco in , he held the position of Divisional Commercial Manager in the Mining and Industrial Division. Winston served as Vice President of the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe from until and as President from to Winston sits on various other boards including Zimbabwe School of Mines where he chairs the Audit Committee.

Aziz Rabbah is an engineer, specialized in new information technologies. He also served as an adviser in the offices of several Moroccan Ministers. Rabbah was elected Mayor of Kenitra city in and was re-elected in He was elected member of the Moroccan parliament in , and Aziz Rabbah participated in several meetings concerning information technologies and communication, administrative reform, e-government, the upgrade of economy and the information society. On the political level, Mr.

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Aziz Rabbah is one of the leaders of the Moroccan Justice and Development Party, of which he is a member of the General Secretariat for four terms. Rabbah was born in in Sidi Kacem. He is married and has three children. He speaks Arabic, French and English.

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Real ecological activist, the geologist is member of several movements for the environmental protection and learned societies. Foday Rado Yokie is a Seasoned Politician and an entrepreneur of high pedigree. During his tenure as Member of Parliament, he served several Committees and assisted the Committee on Mines and Mineral Resources in many oversight meetings. Before his appointment as Minister, he served as the Special Trade Envoy of the Government of Sierra Leone responsible to globally present Sierra Leone as a suitable investment destination to potential investors.

As Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, his vision is to make the mining sector benefit the people of Sierra Leone while ensuring mining activities are conducted in a sustainable manner for generations yet unborn. Lindsay has worked in minerals sands, copper and tin operations obtaining a Mine Managers Certificate. After completing an MBA he worked as a resource analyst in the Australian equity markets. Since then he has started and managed a number of resource companies with projects in a range of commodities in Australia, Africa and Asia.

Mr Brewer has 18 years in mining, equity investment, corporate and project financing, capital raising, investment advising and evaluation of resource companies.

Lyra's Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt

Mr Brewer has experience in a variety of commodities having worked in underground and open-cast mining operations in the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa. She has authored numerous research publications and provided expert commentary to media and news outlets. She has also worked as a consultant for the International Forum for the Challenges of Peace Operations. Hon Jean Claude Kouassi is an economist, international trade, maritime transportation and transit specialist. Hon Kouassi has more than 35 years of professional experience, including 12 years acting as an international consultant and 10 years as spokesperson on behalf of a group of 77 less developed countries.

He was also previously involved in the Australian DeGrussa Sandfire hybrid project as General Manager for the Thermal Power Station Owner, from initial contract negotiation through to project completion.

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Based in Perth, Dave is responsible for overseeing the installation and operation of hybrid installations worldwide, with Africa and Australia being the prime focus regions. Jeremy Sinclair is a mining engineer with 25 years of experience in a broad range of roles including executive, operational, project delivery, corporate leadership and consulting in Australia and Africa.

He has over 15 years in management and leadership roles covering large and diverse teams. He has a demonstrated track record of delivering results.

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Richard has managed large exploration and development projects in a range of different geological environments in Australia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Richard is a founding director and shareholder of West African Resources. Yann is a partner based in London and is global co-head of our international mining practice. He has worked in more than 30 different jurisdictions including extensive work in Africa.

Yann has extensive experience of negotiating the full suite of commercial and operational agreements required to operate mining projects, including host state agreements, joint venture agreements and offtake agreements. Mr Evans is an experienced project delivery and operational management expert who has most recently held the role of Chief Operating Officer at Altura Mining. During his tenure with Altura he was responsible for building and bringing into operation a lithium mine and processing facility, covering all facets of commercial, construction and operational management.

Mr Evans was also involved in establishing and maintaining key relationships with project finance and off-take partners. Mr Evans has a Civil Engineering background with close to 20 years demonstrated success in managing large scale construction and mining development projects and operations across various commodities.

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