Performing Class in British Popular Music

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Performing Class in British Popular Music

Interestingly, punk opened up space for female groups, and singer-songwriters, as we shall see below. Partly inspired by the German group Kraftwerk, this genre was aiming not at exploring new kinds of lyrical content or theatrical communication, but on producing new sounds, with the different kinds of synthesizer newly available commercially, or rigged up from spare parts by enthusiasts. Their songs tended to glorify the mysterious electronic future and leave sarcasm and social comment behind.

If Punk mostly eschewed sophisticated studio reworkings, others did not. Andy Bennett gives two examples, but there are many more:. A flute can be made to sound near or far, still or moving, can be made to sound as if it is playing in a warehouse or in a living room.

Studio production allowed one to choose separately the aural staging of each voice and instrument, or to change the staging from one minute to the next. Only as singers and dancers was there much space for women. This is not to say the female minority was not significant. The Slits and the Raincoats found success as two all-women post punk bands. Typical girls are looking for something Typical girls fall under spells Typical girls buy magazines Typical girls feel like hell Typical girls worry about spots, fat, and natural smells.

They also developed a feminist critique of rock. Rock'n'roll is based on black music.

Which is why we want to put a bit of distance between what we do and the rock'n'roll tradition. Naturally, many hundreds of songs were sung about dancing on a Saturday night and about meeting a potential lover or mate. It is not surprising, though, that in a decade with much social upheaval, politics forged a considerable repertoire. This would merit an article in itself, but we can only touch on it here.

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Subjects such as racism, which affect more directly young people, before they enter the workforce, than do questions of industrial relations or international policy, were the most dealt with. Gay oppression was sung about occasionally, both by such highly political artistes as Tom Robinson, and by more mainstream performers like Rod Stewart.

Performing Class British Popular Music by Wiseman Trowse Nathan

Popular songs are meant to be listened to many times, and singing along, out loud or silently, is an important part of the experience. It is useful to see songs as a form of participative theatre. The listener who may be singing along is asked for a few minutes to imagine that they are the narrator, the singer, or both. Political songs can, then, encourage the listener to play the role of political commentator, suffering victim, powerful rebel and many other roles.

I'm sorry if the soldiers have to hurt you, Mr Harris You haven't really left them any choice This must be quite a trial You haven't eaten for a while I wonder what's the matter with your voice? If you told us what you know it might be wiser No need to knock your head against a wall If you told us who you know it might be wiser I think it might be better for us all.

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Sing if you're glad to be gay Sing if you're happy that way! In a decade when probably the majority of gays were not easily accepted even by their closest family, this was a powerful contradiction to the oppression. The link between popular music and anti-racism might not seem immediately apparent, but the importance of music for young people as a collective experience and generational marker, and the fact that far right organizations were making particular efforts to recruit young people to racist ideas and policies, led a group of left activists to come up with the idea of a national network of concerts, fanzines, leaflettings and other initiatives to rally a mass, visible, anti-racist, youth voice.

A letter to the music press brought hundreds of replies, and the network became much more powerful than its initiators had thought possible.

In the following months, dozens of local concerts were organized following the RAR recipe: black reggae groups and white punk groups playing on the same bill, the black group always top of the bill. In Spring , a march followed by a mass free concert at Victoria Park in Hackney drew over a hundred thousand people, and featured The Clash, steel Pulse, and many others. The success or otherwise of such a movement is extremely difficult to measure, though many participants were convinced of its tremendously positive effects.

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As in the Sixties, much popular music was playful, exciting and oppositional; perhaps the melodramatic tone was on the rise, whether in heavy metal, punk, or reggae. The three minute rock song continued to dominate though supplemented by some longer pieces. Popular music took itself and was taken more seriously.

Popular music was a multi-billion-pound industry, but it was also a series of repertoires and processes which people, and particularly young people, felt belonged to them in a way that other creative endeavours, taught in schools or conservatories, did not. These popular musics, then, could be used to express their priorities and not only to build careers and pay back shareholders. Punk songwriters, Reggae songwriters, and others, had much to say to the audiences they designed and who adored them. Though the multiplicity of popular music and the many factors influencing its content make societal analysis notoriously risky, the fact that it meant so much to so many millions of people make its study essential for the historian.

HALL and T. FAST, S. LONG, P. TAGG, P. Almost all of them are easily available on YouTube. Maidenhead, Open Univ Press, See their debut album Signing Off On Natural Suntan [LP]. London: Ariwa. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews 'It is when Wiseman-Trowse applies the oft-discussed discourses of class and authenticity to performative theory that popular music studies is taken into rarely charted waters.

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Introduction: A Class Act p. All Rights Reserved. In Stock. Jack Charles: A Born-again Blakfella. An Actor Prepares Bloomsbury Revelations. Hamilton The Revolution. Building a Character Bloomsbury Revelations. Challenge for the Actor. The Penelopiad Faber Drama. As a series of juxtapositions, the show said much about the nature of class at the end of the 20th century. What made The KLF's comment on the fluidity of social identification all the more poignant was the fact that this music event followed in the wake of Britpop's oversimplification of the idea of "working class as rock authenticity".

Performing Class in British Popular Music by Nathan Wiseman-Trowse -

It was a position that reached its nadir in with a media-invented battle between the bands Oasis and Blur to get their respective singles, which were released the same day, to the top of the UK pop charts. It is in this battleground that Nathan Wiseman-Trowse opens his investigation into British pop music's long-term obsession with class identification.

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  • Blur, we are reminded, epitomised a tradition of British art-school pop with their "knowing, playful and ironic" single Country House. Oasis, on the other hand, were "straightforward, direct and hedonistic", as embodied by their single Roll With It. It was a story of the artifice of art-school Southerners Blur versus the authenticity of unemployed Northerners Oasis. Put simply, it was a war of the classes. Far from being a new event, however, this particular theatre had been staged time and again in the histories of popular music.

    That Wiseman-Trowse should employ a year-old event as his contextualising anchor has immediate problems, though. It raises the question, "Has nothing equally noteworthy happened since? It is, as the author skilfully reveals, founded in popular music's performance of class as a means to become authentic in the process of commodification. It is when Wiseman-Trowse applies the oft-discussed discourses of class and authenticity to performative theory that popular music studies is taken into rarely charted waters.

    Here he uses Judith Butler's analysis of sexuality, gender and desire as a model through which to argue that subjectivity becomes related to performance as well as the discourses that surround it. Listening to and identifying with a piece of popular music then becomes a performative act. An aspect of this performance of class that the author refers to throughout the text is the role of the music press in the authenticating process.

    Performing Class in British Popular Music Performing Class in British Popular Music
    Performing Class in British Popular Music Performing Class in British Popular Music
    Performing Class in British Popular Music Performing Class in British Popular Music
    Performing Class in British Popular Music Performing Class in British Popular Music
    Performing Class in British Popular Music Performing Class in British Popular Music

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