The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job

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Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job

On Wednesday we looked at the ever longer reviled and not at all misunderstood Andrew Johnson. Today we look at a president who was much dearer to our hearts: Jimmy Carter.


Why rise at 5 a. We were thrilled and excited, but we had doubts. Would we be welcome in this small town? The Maranatha Baptist Church is tiny, with room for only Would there be room? It is not our denomination.

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Is it ok if we attend? We arrived at the Church at 8 am. Once seated inside, the pews filled around us, save the few cordoned off for active members. Before we knew it, a quiet man had slipped through a side door. Jimmy Carter was standing just six pews away. He asked where we were all from. California, Uganda, Poland, Germany, Florida. People from dozens of countries and states had made the same pilgrimage. Gab eagerly yelled out Pennsylvania. We felt blessed and thankful for the teachings of such a pious, humble and great man.

Jimmy left saying, almost apologetically, that in two weeks he would be unable to teach in Plains.

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He was going to Palestine to oversee an election. Andrew Johnson is one of those people that no one has anything nice to say about. By all accounts he was cantankerous, a violent drunkard, a miserable sot, an utter failure at President, and, to top it all off, not a particularly talented man. Unlike the hated Herbert Hoover , Johnson never made any money he was a tailor and he never donated anything or helped any poor struggling war-torn masses.

Quite the opposite in fact. While working as Tennessee military governor during the Civil War he was known for his vicious ruthlessness toward the Confederate population of his adopted state. Johnson also had limited knowledge of the English language - he learned to read and write well into his twenties - whereas Hoover knew multiple languages and was an adept translator. Personal differences aside they both couldn't cut it as Commander-in-Chief. To Hoover's credit he wasn't impeached like Johnson and did actually seek a second-term nomination.

To be fair, neither had much of a chance for success. However, the difficulty of Johnson's situation should not override his poor responses.

A 2-year Exploration of America's Treasures

His leadership style was worse than anyone could have imagined, despite the fact that many of his ideas were prudent, fair and justified. Johnson refused to agree with Congress about anything. He vetoed every bill that came his way, angering both parties and all people while simultaneously and perhaps correctly sheathing himself in the holy virtue of the U.

And for that he gets a National Park Site. Sign me up for President! Was Hoover he a great president? Was he responsible for the Great Depression?

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Not nearly as much as he has been credited. Hoover grew up orphaned and very poor. He entered Stanford University in , that venerated school's first year of existence. Hoover received a degree in geology; surely a unique specialty among his presidential brethren.

Hoover didn't teach with his degree nor did he go directly into politics. Instead he traveled the world working as a mining engineer whose speciality was finding gold, silver, zinc, and other precious metals. And find he did. By the time he turned 30 Hoover had built up considerable wealth given his uncanny ability to unearth metals. In the meantime, while on many Pacific Ocean-crossing trips he and his wife mastered numerous languages, Mandarin Chinese included, and authored the first English translation of the 16th-century mining bible De re metallica.

When the Great War began in Hoover directed his efforts towards humanitarian work, the most notable being a widespread and successful effort to feed war-ravaged Belgium. Hoover's magnanimous humanitarianism continued throughout the 's while he was U. Secretary of Commerce. So what went wrong? How could someone with so much experience in feeding people and aiding communities post-disaster be such a failure during the Great Depression?

The short answer is that all of Hoover pre-Depression efforts depended on capital from private interests; Hoover didn't believe in spending the government's money.

The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job

His Great Depression remedies while solid in theory relied on private donations which, despite many promises, never came. February 14, Today's Featured Review:. Carter G. Woodson House National Historic Site. Happy February. The month that has become synonomous with Black History.

We wonder what the founder of Black History Month would think about his creation's longevity and lasting importance. He would probably be brimming with pride. Woodson National Historic Site. While the historical significance of some Park Service acquisitions are dubious at best, this purchase feels long overdue. What we learned about Mr. Woodson at the Bethune Council House left us a little ashamed that we knew so little about the man who changed the course of history and how it is taught.

We hope we don't have to wait too long. Click here for the full review. Use the pulldown menu just below to further explore some of the National Park Service's other Black History Month-related sites. We will be highlighting some of our favorites in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Pennsylvania isn't known for its trains. What is Wilkes Barre-Scranton known for? Anthracite coal. Today marks an odd anniversary for the dirty black heat-bearing fossil fuel. On February 11, a Wilkes Barre tavern owner, Jesse Fell, decided to try burning anthracite coal in his indoor open-grate stove.

The conventional wisdom was that indoor anthracite burning was too difficult and too dangerous for household use. So what compelled him to try it out?

The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job
The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job
The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job
The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job
The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job
The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job

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