Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6)

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He's going to get himself injured, get out early, and settle down to marriage, children, and land.

Only, he doesn't get the chance. Those closest to him are murdered For eons, conquering dungeons has been the most efficient way to become a strong adventurer. Although not everything is as straightforward as it seems. Several questions have always plagued the minds of those who enter these mythical places of power: why are there so many monsters? Where do the amazing weaponry and heavy gold coins come from?

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Why does the very air fill with life-giving energies? Cal has all of the answers to these age-old questions, for a very simple reason. He is a Dungeon Heart. After being betrayed and cursed by an extremely rare spell, Oren, a powerful and influential player, finds himself as a first-level goblin!

Without even a fraction of his previous power, he vows to pull through and have revenge on those who betrayed him. His thorough knowledge of the game's world and his unique ability to immerse himself entirely are his only advantages. But first, he must figure out how to survive long enough playing what is basically a low-level fodder monster! With unforgettable characters, a sweeping backdrop, and passionate storytelling, this is a fantasy debut to rival that of Robert Jordan.

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Filled with adventure and bloodshed, pageantry and piracy, mystery and menace, Assassin's Apprentice is the story of a royal house and the young man who is destined to chart its course through tempests of change. He was wrong. When roving gangs destroy all semblance of law and order, and the strong take what they want from the weak, Connor will find himself as the sole protector of an all girls' college hidden away in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Now, his only chance at survival is to show group female liberal arts snowflakes what a real man can do, and turn all four of them into survival and combat experts. Michael Havel was flying over Idaho en route to the holiday home of his passengers when the plane's engines inexplicably died, forcing a less than perfect landing in the wilderness.

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And, as Michael leads his charges to safety, he begins to realize that the engine failure was not an isolated incident. Minalan gave up a promising career as a professional warmage to live the quiet life of a village spellmonger in the remote mountain valley of Boval. It was a peaceful, beautiful little fief, far from the dangerous feudal petty squabbles of the Five Duchies, on the world of Callidore.

There were cows. Lots of cows. And cheese. For six months things went well. Then one night Minalan is forced to pick up his mageblade again to defend his adopted home from the vanguard of an army of goblins bent on a genocidal crusade against all mankind. And that was the good news.


I work part-time for the Vatican Shepherds, hunting monsters for them, but you won't find me in the pews on Sundays. Not really my thing.

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But when my boss is injured by a werewolf, it's time for me to put my big girl pants on. Because the Spear of Longinus - the one that allegedly stabbed Jesus on the Cross - has surfaced, and it's going up for auction. What Dave doesn't know is that Earth as he knows it is really a virtual reality simulation and Emerilia is a world imbued with futuristic technologies to mimic early MMORPGs.

It has been three years since David Valentine's forced exile from his friends and allies in the war against the Kurians. But that hasn't stopped him from fighting his own battles and his personal demons. Brought back into the fold by his old teacher, Duvalier, Valentine discovers that the Lightweavers, Earth's allied in the conflict, have all but vanished.

Without their aid, mankind cannot possibly stand against the Reapers and other life-forms the Kurians use to subjugate the planet. Many of the Lightweavers are held captive by the Seattle overlord, a powerful Kurian who commands dozens of sublords in his thrall. To free them, Valentine must trek across the Cascades and convince Adler, a legendary resistance fighter with a grudge against the Seattle Kurians, to join his cause.

But Adler is something of an overlord himself, ruling his men with an iron fist and giving Valentine a new enemy to fight Your audiobook is waiting…. By: E. Narrated by: Christian Rummel , E.

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Knight Introduction. Series: Vampire Earth , Book 6. Length: 11 hrs and 36 mins. People who bought this also bought Knight Narrated by: Christian Rummel, E.

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Knight Introduction Length: 11 hrs and 42 mins Unabridged Overall. Publisher's Summary The Vampire Earth novels are "character-driven speculative fiction adventure at its very best. Knight continues the thrilling journey of David Valentine, a man trying to survive in a New Order run by the alien Kurians and built on the harvesting of enslaved human souls. Bonus Audio: Includes an exclusive introduction by author E. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Valentine's Resolve.

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Some 50 years after the takeover of Earth by the Kurian Order, crumbling pockets of resistance are being stabbed in the back by Quislings, humans who sympathize with the Kurians, as members of the resistance struggle to fight off the alien Grogs and the vampiric Kurian avatars known as Reapers. The only hope for the Southern Command is resistance hero David Stuart Valentine, who is persuaded to undertake a hazardous journey to Seattle and locate the mystical Lifeweavers, helpful aliens captured by the Kurian.

Along the way Valentine's resolve and faith in the movement are tested after learning one guerrilla leader's disturbing plans for Kurian-held Seattle. Valentine's Resolve E. Knight graduated from Northern Illinois University with a double major in history and political science, then made his way through a number of jobs that related to neither.

Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6) Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6)
Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6) Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6)
Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6) Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6)
Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6) Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6)
Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6) Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6)
Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6) Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6)
Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6) Valentines Resolve (Vampire Earth, Book 6)

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